Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tableau: Painting Photo Object
Friday 28, Saturday 29 October 2011

Video documentation of the papers.

Mick Finch

Michael Fried


Jean-François Chevrier
Inside the View. 
Tableau Form and Document

Jean-François Chevrier, Michael Fried, 
Laura Lisbon  panel discussion
part I

Mick Finch
On Imageless Political Subjectivity

Phillip Armstrong
Scenes of Interpellation

Michael Newman
The Tableau and Perversion

part II
Please see L'Hypothese du tableau volé 
part 1 and part 2  in conjunction with this paper.

Philip Armstrong, Fulvia Carnevale, Michael Newman, Mick Finch panel discussion

part IIDocument I


  1. This is a pretty neat project! I think my favorites are the first and
    last one because they really captured the essence of the original. I know there's a project somewhere of an artist that did paintings that look just like photographs.
    I'll try to find a link to share with you because that one was
    pretty amazing too!

    Pictures to paintings
    photos to paintings
    photo to painting
    picture to painting
    painting from photo

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